T-Mobile and Team Rubicon have teamed up this baseball postseason to help with hurricane recovery. For every home run, T-Mobile will donate $5, to Team Rubicon.

What in the world do I have to do to resolve this issue? For whatever reason, the U-verse part seems to have fallen through the cracks, I have to wonder if I made a mistake in switching back — the fact that I receive different and contradictory information not only when I speak with different representatives, but also when I speak with only one, along with the lack of access to a supervisor, makes me very uneasy about the current and potential future need of assistance from customer service. Last time I called the rep had the nerve to say it was cancelled and I had to pay a reactivation fee, then verifyed the card that was already on file! Skip to main content. In addition, I have been unable to set up my voice mail as every time I go thru the steps I was instructed to do, all I get is a busy signal.

Dec 30,  · I was on the phone for over an hour trying to get this resolved two weeks ago. Still they have not corrected the issue and located my folders. Any feedback from anybody with the same issue would be appreciated.
I clocked 21 hours and 1 minute of runtime, which is the longest hotspot battery result we've seen.
AT&T Inc. stock price, stock quotes and financial overviews from MarketWatch.
Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran will bring his North American Stadium Tour to AT&T Stadium on October 27,
T-Mobile and Team Rubicon have teamed up this baseball postseason to help with hurricane recovery. For every home run, T-Mobile will donate $5, to Team Rubicon.
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AT&T Inc. stock price, stock quotes and financial overviews from MarketWatch.

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I have been Banking with them for years - I love your on-line banking thanks for making it so easy. Everyone is always so helpful and nice. We would like to thank State Farm for working on a claim for our client home renovation after damage occurred in his home. Amp Hours AH - The volume of electricity, capacity. One amp equals one hour of use without recharging - or, in practical terms, how long you can use power on a dark, rainy day. As a general statement, higher end batteries have higher amp hour rates.

The higher the amp hour rating, the bigger the battery. You need to guess your level of use in amps or watts see below for any of it to make sense. To give you an idea of the amp hour differences in batteries, a lower end battery may have a 34 amp hour capacity and a high end fabulous battery could have over a amp hour capacity.

There are lots in- between. The cost associated with each of these batteries can be wildly different. I lowered my services to lower the bill but the bill went up. I think Randall Stephenson and his team should pay attention to customers as I will be history when my contract ends.

Need to fix your own problems so you ca have happy customers. I have had your u-verse service for five plus years. One day on or around May 29, , I called into your Digital Life department after seeing a commercial on television. I asked him several times could he match that price or beat that price. Clinton told me he could. He started explaining what you all had to offer.

He told me that you were running a promotion for. I chose the garage door pad because we use the garage door more than the front door.

We scheduled for you all to come out and install your digital life in my house. Around June 6, , a rep came at the scheduled time; he uninstalled my alarm system and video system, and then explained that I was only getting one camera. I told him to take it back, and reinstall my cameras and alarm system. He asked me to give him a minute; that he was calling his supervisor. He told me I would have 14 days to cancel my service. They ran tests, and told me they would schedule someone to come out.

After the tech came out and witnessed me not being able to use the phone, he put another junction box in the wall; it worked for a couple of days and started doing the same thing all over again. I have to get out of my car, and push the manual push buttons on the garage door to get it to close. I called in again. They scheduled a tech to come out again. Once the tech was here, he ran his tests, and told me nothing was wrong with the system even though he saw me not able to connect to the WIFI standing in the back of my house.

I called in again, and spoke with a u-verse supervisor by the name of TOM. We were on the phone for over an hour and 45 minutes. He explained Clinton could not drop my u-verse bill. That was the best he could do. In fact, I switched to Sprint for a day a few years back and they cut my bill in half but had absolutely no service at home. So I came back to Verizon with open arms and they even bought everyone new phones to show us how happy they were to have us back.

Hearing this, I am like okay…let me go ahead and give them a shot. There are a few people standing at the door for the Note 7 release, but not to worry I was at the store the day prior and they said not to worry, there will be plenty of phones.

Doors open at 10AM and we are the 3rd customer to be greeted. The representative said, well actually we take you first in that case. Unfortunately we had to stay there as hostages from 10am-2pm. Most ridiculous process ever. Supposedly there were server problems preventing phones from being able to be purchased. Why did it feel like I was in a 3rd world country? I asked for an S2 Classic Gear Watch and they said they were out, but they would order me one and ship it to my house.

I was like, okay that is fine. It took like 5 minutes and it was done. Fast forward to today Aug. I was advised to come to the store if that was the case and they would get me the S2 Gear Sports watch with no problem. He said he could cancel my order and get this done. He said he could try to waive it, but it could take day.

I asked, how could this take a day when it took 5 minutes last time? I informed him, I am going to lunch and shopping…but when I get back I expect the approval to be completed and the watch be in a bag for pickup.

I asked for a manager and he told me there is nothing that he can do. After explaining the whole situation above, the manager informed me it was approved an hour ago. So how is it than in 3 minutes, I go from no approval, to it was approved an hour ago.

Then the representative had an attitude with me and asked me very rudely if I would like a bag. I told him he has already been helpful enough. The look on his face and the body language he provided was very unbecoming of any customer representative I have seen before. This transition period has taken away 8 hour of my life in your store. Verizon told me they were sorry to hear me go, but they would make it worth my while to come back. My thoughts are to waive all activation fees at the very least!

Back up Battery for Uverse. When we bought Uverse voice and internet we were told to buy a backup battery. We had a power outage for 2hrs and the computer stayed on but our cordless phone did not -becuz there was no power.

The back of the bill says to get a backup battery for voice services including I was on the phone first with sales because I assumed they sell the battery backup when you buy Uverse who sshot me over to Technical Support, and I was on the phone for 54 minutes with a woman with an Indian accent who assured me there was no way to hook a cordless base to the battery. I hung up on her in frustration. I called the concession dept. She wanted to send me to Technical Support and I begged her to listen to my problem first.

She did and switched me to someone who said we needed another part to attach to the battery so that the cordless base could be plugged into it. Please teach your people!!! This is so frustrating! I signed up on the 8th. He stated everything was installed before he left. When I tried to use the phone a few hours later, it was not working. I called the installer back the next day and he told me he would check with his supervisor and get back with me. I never heard another word from him.

After numerous attempts to reach a live customer service representative, I finally used the automated system. I went thru all of the recommended steps, still no service.

I finally reached a foreign representative who I could hardly understand and again we went thru several different steps, still no service. At least she scheduled me for another appt. When he came out he asked me if the previous tech had finished installing the phone and I said that he had told me it was all hooked up prior to his leaving.

So, once again the installation process began, however, once again he could not get my phone hooked up. By the way, I have 2 phone outlets in my house.

Only one was ever hooked up, so he said I will need to get a sat phone. When he left I had what was once my kitchen phone hooked up directly to the modem in the spare bedroom so it would work. No kitchen, no master bedroom phones. In addition, I have been unable to set up my voice mail as every time I go thru the steps I was instructed to do, all I get is a busy signal.

The next Wednesday after this Sunday, they were supposed to come out and bury my cable. I got home from work, the cable had not been buried. After screaming at the automated system that I wanted to talk to a live rep, I was finally transferred to a real, English-speaking rep. I told him about all the problems I had had, including the fact that the cable had not been buried.

He checked and said the invoice stated it had been done and he asked me to check! I said the cable is lying on the ground and has not been buried. He again scheduled someone to come out the next morning to bury the cable and told me he would call me at noon today and make sure everything had been done. It is now 1 pm and I have heard nothing from the rep I spoke to yesterday. I am also concerned because the cable is not attached in any way running up the pole and will be left hanging and blowing in the wind if it is not, as well as with the fact that I cannot set up my voice mail.

I am just appalled that a national company like ATT could be such a sorry corporation and that you seem to care so little for those who foolishly purchase your services. I am to the point that I am going to check with an attorney and see if, based on what has happened so far, I can get out of my contract. This has been one of the most stressful situations I have ever dealt with. I so regret ever getting involved with you.

Upset, no, disappointed is a better term. I heard an ad from ATT for what sounded like a discount program for disabled folks. Food Stamps — yes. Disabled Vets — No. I have never missed a payment until recently when my husband lost his job. My husband depends on it to search for and submit job applications and our daughter depends on it for school.

She has learning and emotional disabilities that make it difficult for her to attend regular classes. She attends virtual academy which are on-line classes offered by our local school. Sure, we will be glad to make payment arrangements. We will not turn internet back on until payment is made in full. Your husband cannot look for a job. Your daughter cannot attend school.

Let me get this straight. I can make payments. I still will not have service. Therefore, I have no reason to make payments. I assume my account will be sent to collections. That is way, way, way less than I was proposing under a payment plan. My husband does have a cell phone contract and he uses the phone for business. When he gets another job, he can get a cheaper plan elsewhere.

Driver complaint—Canton, Michigan Driver of vehicle B goes through with an unprotected left turn while I was attempting to go straight through my green light. I had to stop short in the intersection to avoid being hit T-boned by the truck. I had a heart procedure it was a last minute thing. Because of the risk, heart attack or death. He felt he should be there.

Well I found out after getting home that he was put on suspension the next day without pay for taking off to be at the hospital for my procedure. They want responsible hard working employees and then they treat them like dirt.

That to me is as low as you can go. I have been trying for 3 days to cancel my uverse. All I do is get put on perpetual hold. I then came home and tried to call only to be placed on hold again. They have no need to offer proper customer service or care whether or not you use them. They own the phone line rights.

That is supposed to be illegal but they also happen to service the US Government, so they pretty much get to do whatever they please.

The salesperson and I went through every criterion on her ipad since different salesperson has his or her own interpretation for selling the switch promotion. Now Sprint put me under collection since May as I expected as that time I should received the rebate card to pay off the final bill.

I mailed out in early April Now the third time I spoke with the processing center, they told me I had to pay off the final bill from Sprint from the first place. This is a joke and horrible. I read what I saw and the sales manager reminded me not to pay until i received the final bill from Sprint.

Totally unbelievable and horrrible person! They made the mistake for reading impairment and continue to procrastinate my process. What a horrible corporation! I have never had a pleasant experience when calling. I have spoken to 5 reps and nothing is resolved. ATT moved my cell number to my home like an idiot. Now I have a U-verse phone and landline phone, but not cell phone. Tried to order their U-verse high speed internet service on line. I was assured that the service was available in my area.

Technician did not show up for first appointment. Replaced the order, and also signed up for Direct TV to take advantage of a bundling offer. Rescheduled for both technicians to come out at the same time to do the necessary installation.

Bad news does not get better with time. After being a loyal customer for 14 years, I have gotten nothing but grief, one of the things that truly blew me away, when I called and ask for a corporate contact number, the individuals just basically hung up on me! I was like wow, I cannot believe that just happen, but it did. Really not expecting to get my problem resolved, no time soon, either find another service provider,or just continue to deal with the drop in service! My E-mail no is: There has been a line down in the street since the storm and there has been nothing done about it.

I have called a number of times about the issues and have been pretty much gaft off. I was told today that there was no indication in the past ques about the issue. This truly a safety issue and it will not be long before a cars bumper catches it and pulls the line off the powerline and building. I was told today that a tech would be out today between 4 pm and 6 pm.

Not Good for Business. What do I have to say that is not been said here already. Worst company, worst customer service. My story started April 7 when I went to a store close to my house to do a merge TOR from my account to my husbands. Two weeks later I received an email saying that my account the old one was sent to collection due to an unpaid balance…wth, the account was never cancel or close, just merge.

After they did that all the numbers on my account whent available on the system so anyone who needed a new number, guess what? So I will continuously loosing my service because every time someone pull out my numbers and activate it in a new service I will stop having service myself. No one heard about that before, son I was just insane.

Had to prove myself asking them to call my number so the other person could answer them. No one knows what to do. Or how to help me and stop this. Ive had to explain so many times that is annoying. No one seems to be able to read the notes or figure it out. The last thing that they did was open a new account under my name and transfer my number to see if that would do the job and fix everything. I dont have a prepaid phone.

When I called to TS they told me that my number was a prepaid with two others ones, OMG…had to go crazy trying to explain that I dont have a prepaid number neither less 2 others account. The guy that was talking to me just hung up on my face instead of transferring me to his supervisor so I could have more information. Walked for the hundred time to the store and the manager was able to talk to the fraud department and get the account of the lady that has my number connected on her prepaid account.

Yes my number is now on 2 different accounts with two different names. The local store manager have no idea how to help me, we have been on the line with technical support for hours and days. I had a nervous breakdown yesterday. This is causing me a lot of problems at work and home.

I need someome to be able to give a response and a solution for this, not a promise. I dont believe in promises anymore. Absolute worst customer service known to man!!! This issue is regarding my husbands biz line. Yet, I had to take breaks in between trying to get a resolution to avoid a nervous breakdown!!! The only thing these people know how to do is transfer u to another dept!

Asked almost everyone I spoke to, that they stay on line with me and explain issue to next person that can supposedly help me, so they can explain in terminology they would understand as well as saving me from having to explain, yet again! That, was bc they are told to hurry with the calls and spend as little time as possible.

Do they even get trained? Going on 3 months without husbands biz line functioning now!!!!! Even tho all paid in full. They fg asked me if I know what husband owes for? Are you fg serious?!?!? So, I thought I was mentally ready to tackle it again, few weeks later mind u. Uh, no, u figure out today or by tomorrow latest IF we owe it, along with copies of everything u have, by tomorrow!!!

Oh, and a fam member worked for them for about 25 yrs in their offices, was told either transfer to headquarters in Dallas, or u have no job! After that many yrs of solid dedication, she is screwed!!!

So what is it they actually care about? Oh, getting as fg big as possible not spending money on training their foreign employees, and making sure they have enough fg money to load up execs bank accts!! Doing a great job execs in making sure you are the only ones benefitting from any of your bullsheeeeiit!!!!

Oh, also have the bundled service set up at my mothers. Do u think the bill could be consistent? Yep, line those pockets A-Holes! I truly cannot stomach your company and your downright greed!

Maybe you should fix your fd up company before you just keep buying up others?? Take a break from just trying to be the biggest. Or at a minimum, decent with your product and better with ur service! The billing issue i am having was not resolved.

I explained the discrepancies and not once did agent ask the manager for clarifications. I was told i had to have a technician turn on and install the equipment so an appointment was scheduled.

The appointment was not kept by ATT though and my wife had to miss work for nothing. When i called in to find out why the appointment was missed, i was promised that a tech would arrive between pm to assist. He was in my unit for less than 1 minute.

Apparently a remote signal was sent to my unit to turn on the internet. This company really knows how to treat its customers. We switched to Warner Cable because it sounded like a great deal. Our phone number for much longer has been XXXXX our present address for the last 8 years is Canton,Ohio with the same phone number. I even paid extra when we moved to have more phone jacks installed.

Oh how wrong I was. I wrote this morning of the problems I had had with ATT and the supposed resolution. Of course I was wrong. After the rep this morning assured me he had made the changes on my account to stop the bank draft bill payment and switch me to a paper bill in the mail, I checked my email and learned I had been switched TO paperless billing. I had to call all over Asia again and God knows where else and talk to several people.

Each one agreed to correct the information and apparently failed to do so. Each next person had some slightly different piece of information. As it stands right now I learned that the amount I was previously told that I now owe for 2 months of service is actually for just one month!

I am exhausted, angry and completely out of patience. This company is shamefully, abysmally mismanaged. May your CEO be fired and your stock value plummet. I do not see any evidence that they are concerned about items 1,2 and 3. I am a long, long time ATT customer. Then this person told me it would make no change to the services I already had and would be much cheaper. I questioned this but was told the reason it would be cheaper was because ATT was trying to switch as many customers as possible to uverse.

Eventually I took the plunge and had no significant problems for months. I had also noticed I was getting an annoying tone that sounded like call-waiting even though I hate call-waiting and had gone to the trouble long ago to have ATT remove that feature though at the time they informed me it would cost me more to remove it.

First, the automated system that we all know and despise. Then the representatives in southeast Asia who are probably lovely people but who were not able to answer the questions I had or solve the problems I described and may or may not have understood me any better than I understood them. There must have been a dozen of them all talking at once to all their customers in the same room and I could hear them all.

If you have trouble understanding one of them it is not easier when all talk at once. My second contact with Southeast Asia was quieter and the representative was a little easier to understand and the first useless answer he gave me sounded like corporate training, i. He assured me my account will be drafted for 2 months this time. And you probably guessed it….

He assured me he did take care of my requested change back to paper billing and I will have to wait to see if that actually happens. He was unable to answer questions re: This person was very helpful, courteous, understood what I asked and by all evidence has actually resolved those 2 problems.

By the way, I too discovered this site while looking for a phone number or address for corporate headquarters. Word of mouth is probably more effective than contacting them anyway. I am requesting you honor your agreement with me completely. However, if honoring the agreement is not feasible for you, then obviously my business is not valued.

My home-line, internet, and cellular phone service have been with your company for several decades. This loyalty to your company should not be in vain this reason. It truly should not be in vain especially now that I extended my loyalty to include my television service and agreed to bundle them all in one monthly service bill.

Speaking with a representative named Ms. The installation occurred 8 March Much of the technical issues have since been resolved thanks to Mr. However, the charges quoted me now are far exceeding what was agreed upon on 3 March and exceeding what I paid before the agreement.

This is totally unacceptable! It must be said that with all the calls speaking with Ms. Dave, the installation technicians and supervisors — Mr. Carlos, more calls with Ms. May, and lastly Ms. Payton which were many hours more than 20 hours spent trying to resolve the cost, service, and rewards issues, this agreement has not held true on the part of ATT.

I request you re-assess the events of this agreement and honor the agreement as originally made on 3 March Your honoring my request would show that I am treated as a valued ATT customer who is sincerely appreciated so that my loyalty may become restored and not be in vain. And how the heck did direct TV collections get my home number, it is not listed! Today May 4, I have been and am still on the phone for the last 2 hours 45 minuets trying to resolve this same issue all over again.

What is it going to take to fix this mess that you all created? I have a total of 9. What in the world do I have to do to resolve this issue? The service they offer is nil and after almost 2yrs of back and forth calling for help with bad reception on my phone I gave up and cancelled them …All calls go on deaf ears and after spending 4hrs trying to get help, I finally gave up…I called corporate ofc and spoke with M rMmitchell but as yet nothing has been resolveded..

This is a stupid company , transferring all the calls to damn Phillupines who in order to disguise started saying theory are in BNew Jersey. We can barely understand let alone resolving any problems.

The crazy man acquiring the CEO position must wake up and rather quit. With poor quality of service, calls being directed to damn Philipibes and no recourse, he is slowing digging the grave for this company. You cannot even pay your bill without it being a hassle. The phone customer service system is the worst. I canceled my service and 2 months later they are still billing me. I could not agree more.

It has been nothing but headaches. I am stuck with this shyster company for another year and a half. The Directv service is horrible, but attempting to get a representative to do anything than brush you off is an exercise if futility. When we switched from uverse to directv, they continued to charge me even though it had been canceled.

Then not 1, but 3 different reps told me they would send out the recovery bag to send back the unit. Idiots, all of them. I cannot wait until the contract is done. I would appreciate some help. The televisions kept freezing up, then losing signal. I called technical support and they said they would send someone…. The day off the NFL playoffs, the person showed up. Tech Man 1 — Replaced all of the indoor equipment and unplugged my alarm system….

So I called again…. He connected a new port that killed the signal to my house completely. Said he would have to put in a work order for a lineman to come out. Oh, did I mention that he replaced the line from my house to the pole and left it lying in my yard; although ALL of my utilities are buried… This is still January.

Line Man 3 — I saw him parked down the street when I came home from work. According to him; the wires were not connected correctly and they were touching each other which resulted in interference.. So he re-connected the cables.

He said the outside cable should not have been left lying on the ground and he would put in a work order. I was told tha a supervisor would call me within 3 days. Tech Man 5 — Left work again to be home for my appointment to have someone fix my alarm….

Well guess who shows up… Tech Man 4. He must have taken a crash course because he was able to re-connect it. Still not getting a full signal to my house. So he replaced the router again. Tech Man 6 — Showed up and said that since the people in Tech Support reset my system that he would not be able to tell what the problem was.

It took him longer to put cones out around his truck than his conversation with me. So, I got a Saturday appointment. They are the worst. This guy below here threw us out! We were just about to go with their new plans. Josh also told us he already answered a question before and would not answered it again, but we forgot the answer.

He also was upset that he spent a lot of time with us the first time, he said two hours. My wife was with me, it was less than 30 minutes. We used to be with Cellular and then Cingular. I would have got going by phone but the calls to this store were never.

No one ever answers. There is no voicemail, yeah, in this day and age! So, we had to go to the store to get answers to simple questions. We were just about to sign up but he kept telling us that he already answered our questions before!!!

I have been trying to get my U-Verse fixed off and on for at least 3 years. I have had numerous linemen , prim techs and one tier 3 guy out. In this time, I have had my modem changed, a new DVR and guys out removing squirrel and water from their black cases on the lines and one linemen that said the the line was being squished between 2 poles. Which I am sure is till happening since it is still between the poles. I have not gotten the problem fixed yet! What surprised me was when he told me that I would have to wait for the DVR to come in the mail, and than I would have to return the old one to a UPS store to be shipped back.

I signed up for their DSL internet service in The warranty expired a year later, and guess what? So did the modem. After that year, my internet kept going out, and I had to spend over an hour every other month on the phone with a technician to help me get it back on.

Finally, I was told that to keep from having to call them, there seemed to be a problem with the modem, and I needed to buy another one. The only thing they care about is how much more money they can get out of me. Now the work we did was renovation and upgrade there store.

Doing the whole time I worked there I maintain a good work performance. At the end of the job how about I was arrested for Embezzlement. Affavidate sign by the manager here in Hazlehurst, ms. This accusation has affected my life completely.

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