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Watch video · A home-and-home series between Clemson and Texas A&M was agreed upon long before Jimbo Fisher arrived in College Station, Texas, but given the current circumstances, the timing couldn't have been.
The latest Tweets from i'm Watch (@imcollection). The first real smartwatch.
Watch video · A home-and-home series between Clemson and Texas A&M was agreed upon long before Jimbo Fisher arrived in College Station, Texas, but given the current circumstances, the timing couldn't have been.
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Fill out this form and we'll get back to you ASAP. San Diego Sportfishers Since ! Gift Certificates Purchase a Gift. See Our Full Fleet. Limit one free youth per one paid adult. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount or applied to any other trip. Enter Code HMKids18 at check out.

Fishing is always better aboard the Ranger 85! Ask anyone of any age!!! Our biggest of the season so far at an estimated 8. In the picture, deckhand Mike is holding a lobster that was easily legal in the gauge. Look at the size difference! Thankfully our passengers understand how important lobsters of this size are to the conservation of the fishery.

We released this lobster to continue to breed and make more stock for future generation. James was rewarded with a voucher to come back and ride the Alicia again. Enjoy the pics of our guests with their dinners! Look forward to seeing you on the boat. However, on every call we made, the audio coming through the I'm Watch was so garbled and quiet that neither we nor our callers could make out more than a word or two here and there.

Most sounds were simply being dropped at both ends. The speakers themselves worked perfectly when we played some sample music that was stored on the phone. We tried everything to fix the problem, including factory resetting the I'm Watch and rolling back its OS to the prior version, but nothing helped.

We asked another journalist who had received the watch to try calling our smartphone from her I'm Watch, and she experienced the same exact problems. The I'm Watch community page on Facebook is also filled with users who report that the call quality is inaudible.

It's particularly disappointing that the I'm Watch can't make usable phone calls, because the ability to use it like a Dick Tracy communicator is one of its biggest selling points.

We can only hope that the company fixes this problem with a software update in the near future. The control panel said that every single smartphone we paired with it did not support "messages.

The I'm Watch comes preloaded with several key apps and the ability to add more via the I'market. Out of the box, the watch comes with email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, calendar, address book, alarm clock, calculator, gallery and music player apps, among others.

When you register, you're asked for your device's serial number, along with your name, address and date of birth. You must also create a password, while using your email address as the username. After registering, the next time your I'm Watch tries to sync to the cloud it will ask you if you want to authorize your account and, after you tap OK, you won't be asked that again unless you factory reset the phone or remove the device from your account.

As long as we remained paired to a smartphone with Bluetooth-tethering enabled, the regular cloud updates worked quite well. In the I'm Watch's settings menu, you can configure the interval for these synchronizations to be every 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes, or you can set them to manual updates only. At any time, you can hit the sync button on the notification drawer and the watch will poll the servers for updates at that time. However, we wish the I'm Watch showed incoming emails and Facebook messages via real-time updates like our phone does.

Using the I'm Cloud portal, we were able to configure the email client to check our Gmail account, but not our business Exchange account or home POP account, as the system only supports IMAP servers for now. At each sync, we got an alert if we had new messages in our inbox. When we tapped on an individual email in the inbox list, the phone took a few seconds to download it, then showed us the complete text most of the time.

However, when we tried to open one image-heavy email, we got an error saying "this message is too big to open. There's no way to open attachments or respond to an email from the watch.

We wish there was at least a way to flag images for follow-up. Unfortunately, the calendar app only works with Google calendar and, in our case, it didn't work at all. Even after entering our Google account information in the calendar configuration screen on I'm Cloud, the app showed no upcoming appointments. Provided that your phone supports it, you can automatically sync contacts from your handset to the I'm Watch.

With the watch paired to an HTC One X, we were able to download the contact list in less than a minute. All we did was launch the I'm Watch's address book app, long-press in the empty black space in the app, click the import button that appeared and then confirm the import when prompted by the phone.

Downloading 25 contacts took less than 30 seconds. We configured the I'm Watch's Facebook app to check our account and watched as it downloaded several direct messages, comments and likes we received. However, the app did not show anything from our news feed and did not contain any images.

The Twitter app, on the other hand, downloaded the 20 latest tweets from friends on our feed and showed the entire text of each. Of course, there was no way to click links, reply or view images. As of this writing, the watch's I'market app store has 27 apps, with 17 of them free and 10 costing between 0. To browse through the apps and choose which ones we wanted, we logged into I'm Cloud on our PC and and clicked the I'market icon, which showed one large screen with icons for all of the apps with the price below each free apps have a price of 0.

There is no way to browse the market from the watch. We only selected free apps in our testing, but if we wanted to purchase an app, we would first have to add money to our account by purchasing 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 euro credits using the I'mwallet section of the I'm Cloud site.

After selecting several free apps and syncing our phone, we found that the new apps still didn't appear on our watch.

Instead, we had to open the I'market app on the watch and there we saw a list of newly purchased but not-yet-installed apps. When we tapped on the names of each of these apps, the watch then downloaded and installed it from the cloud. Among the 27 apps, most were very basic, ranging from a flashlight app to one which shows the battery percentage to another which provides an audible metronome you can use while playing music. Other interesting apps included a stop watch, a game of Connect Four and a task list, which crashed when we tried to open it.

While it's not powerful enough to play videos, the I'm Watch can play locally stored MP3 files with aplomb using its I'm Player software. Though the speakers weren't particularly loud, they were more than powerful enough for us to hear the sound very well in a quiet room. The I'm Player software will even sort your songs by artist and album.

The music keeps playing in the background if you exit the app and move on to other tasks. As long as it's playing, a player icon appears in the status bar, and you can return to the player app by pulling down the notifications and tapping on the music notification. There's also an app called I'm Music, which requires you to sign up for the company's I'm Music service that lets you "search for songs, playlists and online radios you want to store on your I'm Watch.

The service allowed us to search by keyword only and then save the random collection of results as one playlist whether we wanted all the songs or not.

For example, we searched for "Beyonce" and got a list of 10 tracks, including four from Beyonce, and six from related artists like her sister Solange. We had to either save the whole list or none of it.

When we opened the I'm Music app on the watch, we saw our playlist of songs with a download button next to each. However, when we tapped the download button, the connection timed out after a few seconds so we were unable to see if we got working copies of the songs.

The I'm Watch can view locally stored photos using its I'm Gallery app. We found the sample photos of nature scenes bright and colorful. We were able to navigate between them by tapping forward and back arrows or tapping on their thumbnails on the menu page.

After selecting the album and syncing our phone, the I'mages app showed a list of available JPGs with a download link next to each. Though tapping the "to download" link next to each didn't always work, a few of the images downloaded and then appeared in the gallery app. We found it much easier to copy images to the watch over USB. The I'm Watch comes with both basic news and weather apps, which we were able to configure using the I'm Cloud site. During each sync, the watch downloaded 10 fresh headlines from Google News for each section.

After launching the app itself, we could swipe between the three sections and scroll down each one's list of headlines. Unfortunately, the News app only shows the headline and source for each story example: Taylor Swift touchy over love life jokes, accepts Michael J.

Fox's apology - Fox News". Unlike with email, there is no way to download the full text.

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