Mäntel sind deine Mode-Visitenkarte im Winter. Jetzt musst du dich nur noch entscheiden, ob du es lieber klassisch-elegant oder sportlich hast.

Dieses Outfit war auch eines, das ich im Kopf hatte, als ich mir meine selbstgenähte capsule wardrobe überlegt hatte hier findet Ihr den Blogpost. In general it was a year full of striped clothes you guys seemed to love the striped top with the front knot the most. I made a gingham jacket last winter and love it and I also just finished a camel coat just with a stand up collar instead of lapels.

Mäntel sind deine Mode-Visitenkarte im Winter. Jetzt musst du dich nur noch entscheiden, ob du es lieber klassisch-elegant oder sportlich hast.
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Mäntel sind deine Mode-Visitenkarte im Winter. Jetzt musst du dich nur noch entscheiden, ob du es lieber klassisch-elegant oder sportlich hast.
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Entscheidest du dich in diesem Winter für einen coolen Parka, kannst du diesen ganz nach Lust und Laune sowohl sportlich-lässig als auch klassisch-elegant stylen. Trägst du zu deinem Parka blickdichte Strümpfe, ein enganliegendes Kleid und deine Lieblings-Pumps, ist dein sexy Winterlook perfekt.

Wenn die Temperaturen fallen, fällt auch das Codewort: Ich brauche einen neuen Coat! Nichts leichter als das. Klar, es gibt ihn als leichte Sommervariante, auch im Frühjahr und Herbst haben wir ihn an. Dann ist der Mantel meist das Einzige vom Outfit, was zu sehen ist.

Er wird also zu deiner modischen Visitenkarte. Mach aus deinem Coat einen Code, der deinen Style kommuniziert. Easy, deine Vorliebe gibt deinen Manteltyp vor. Es hilft, sich klarzumachen, ob der neue Partner für eine spezielle Gelegenheit - Job oder Freizeit - oder nach Geschmack - Trendsetter, Retro-Lover oder doch lieber Minimalist - sein soll.

Dann erkennst du dein perfektes Mantel-Match schon. Trotzdem möchten wir dir drei Top-Trends der Saison nicht vorenthalten:. Der Military-Mantel ist streng und elegant zugleich, zeigt sich genauso anziehend zur Slim, Cropped oder Flared Jeans wie zu midilangen, blumigen Chiffonkleidern.

Der Daunenmantel ist jetzt mehr cool als preppy. Schlichte Stücke stehlen den dicken Daunen nicht die Show, trendy ist der Stilbruch mit glänzenden Looks und ein Gürtel bringt den verschlankenden X-Faktor. Er passt zu allem: I also used the pockets of view B they are smaller and handsewed them onto the coat so the seam is infisible.

What bugs me a bit with this pattern is the fact that the buttons aren't centered even though the technical drawing and the picture on the webside says so. I checked the pattern now the fifth time and on the pattern the buttons definitely aren't centered. That is the first time Burda is showing the placing of the buttons wrong.

I never had issues with that before and I sew with Burda style patterns since the beginning 8 years ago. Over all I like my new coat and wore it a lot since it's finished, also the off-centered buttons don't bother me too much. The next step towards my DIY capsule wardrobe will be jeans and pants, but I'm pretty sure this will take some time to finish. Stay tuned for updates also I show my sewing progress over on Instagram and in my InstaStories seaofteal.

Heute zeige ich Euch schon das erste fertige Kleidungsstück: Ich hatte mir vor Jahren bereits einen beigen Kurzmantel genäht hier ein kleiner Rückblick auf das Jahr , allerdings war der Stoff nicht sehr hochwertig und hat sich daher schnell abgetragen. Dieses Frühjahr habe ich es endlich übers Herz gebracht, das Stück wegzugeben obwohl ich ihn schon zwei Jahre nicht mehr getragen habe. Mir hat solch ein Mantel also schon ein paar Jahre merklich gefehlt. Der Text ist da schon ausführlicher, aber nicht unbedingt etwas für Einsteiger.

Januar My DIY capsule wardrobe I've mentioned in my last blogpost that I had a major wardrobe declutter before we moved house and since then I'm overthinking my wardrobe: What pieces do I love to wear and feel good in?

On which basics can I rely on a daily basis wardrobe staples? What shape flatters my body? I'm analysing since July, we moved in August and since my sewing room is up around September I'm sewing thoughtfully and with a capsule wardrobe in mind. Some of the clothes I show above are already in my wardrobe, some I really want to sew in the near future but without stressing myself and some I'll buy, because, let's be honest, I won't be able to sew every single bit.

I haven't included shoes , bags and accessories, because I buy all of these and at that moment I'm pretty happy with my selection of these categories. I made a gingham jacket last winter and love it and I also just finished a camel coat just with a stand up collar instead of lapels. The one coat I would love to have in my wardrobe is a navy blue peacoat, I'm just not sure if I can sew one up before it's too warm. These I already own grey, white and spriped ones , last spring I made a striped longsleeve shirt , which I love.

The rest of my Tees and longsleeves are from uniqlo and I can highly recommend their pima cotton products I'm wearing mine for about 3 years now and they are still in great conditions. The longsleeves I wear under my knits so the knit don't get ruined by sweat and I also don't need to wash the knit as much. I have three ready-to-wear jeans and one I made of my selfdrafted pattern. To work and in winter I like to wear darker washes and I think this will be one of my next sewing projects, because my DIY pair of jeans need desperately to be replaced.

This is the section I really want to work on till spring, because this is the part of my wardrobe I'm the unhappiest with. I made myself navyblue crepe-trousers and I love the fit and the self drafted pattern. I also already have a white pair, but I really don't like the fit I don't like the fit of most of my trousers, so I have worked around a month on a nice fitting pattern I drafted and tested and drafted and tested.

I think I have some great rollnecks and cashmere knits in my wardrobe and since I can't knit myself, I have to buy them. But for now I'm pretty happy with my selection of knits and rollnecks. During my decluttering I hade to put away a lot of my blazers, because they were worn out so much.

Since then I'm really missing my navyblue cotton twill blazer I had for years. So a navyblue blazers is high up on my sewing list, unfortunately blazers are so much work hear me sigh. Back in Oktober I already made a charcoal grey checked blazer, which I haven't shared here but will hopefully soon. I also want a cropped lightgrey blazer and a black one I already have a lightgrey wool fabric in my stash I want to use. On the black blazer I'm not sure if I'm able to sew one because of my lack of time , eventuelally I'll buy one.

The little black dress: I have a lot of colorful and fun dresses, but no black one, so I think I need one, right? But that's nothing I desperately miss in my wardrobe, so I put it very low on my sewing list. Under this section I summed up all types of tops: I already have made a shirt-blouse with blue and white stripes and a pussy bow blouse in a rusty-brown colour. I also have some ready-to-wear shirts in white, navyblue, khakigreen and dusty pink, so I'm well equipped with shirts. But since I love sewing shirts and pussy bow blouses I might sew some more.

So here we go, it is a long list, but I wanted to visualise it for me, to see what I like and need. During I plan to share all of my selfmade wardrobe pieces with you and of course I'll share more about why I selected a certain pattern et cetera. So stay tuned for a happy year full of creativity. Januar Goodbye EN So is here and I'd like to reflect a bit about the last year like I do every year. In I haven't blogged as much as I wanted to and in fact I have still 7 to 8 sewing projects I did finish, but never shared here on the blog.

So I can't say was a less creative year then the ones before, even though I blogged a lot less. But I had the feeling, my time was so limited and I had to choose between sewing and blogging In August we moved in a small house and we worked a lot in and around the house to make it feel like home. Before we moved, I did a huge wardrobe clearout of clothes I don't wear or which doesn't fit anymore. After the move and the wardrobe clearout I noticed a change in my consumption and my sewing choices when it comes to my wardrobe.

Besides some really eye-catching clothes like the palmprinted skirt , the pants with flowerprint all over and the shirt printed all over with icecream-cones , I sewed more basics and easy to wear pieces. I still love my flamboyant clothes, but I think my taste hase changed a bit to a more classic pieces. My most worn piece of clothes has to be my self-drafted jeans , I wore them so much I desperately need another pair of those.

Outerwear-wise I wore my gingham peacoat a lot. In Oktober I made a grey wrap-coat with faux fur details and it is hands down one of my favoutite pieces since I made it.

Mein beiger Wollmantel hatte bereits letzte Woche seinen großen Auftritt (hier findet Ihr auch mehr zum Schnitt), daher widme ich diesen Blogbeitrag der Schluppenluse. Ich hatte sie schon im letzten November genäht, aber auch sie hatte es bisher noch nicht auf den Blog geschafft. Social Media aktivieren. Aktiviere bitte den Social Media Button, um selbst zu bestimmen, wo und wann du Inhalte teilen möchtest. Die Plugins senden erst Daten an die Betreiber der sozialen Netzwerke, wenn du dies wirklich willst. Kostenlose Lieferung an einen Shop und kostenloser Versand ab 30€. Kostenlose Rücksendung! Besuchen Sie unsere Shops oder lassen Sie Ihr Paket von zu Hause abholen.